Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cowboy Table Mat

This year between April and May, my Papa (grandpa on my mom's side) is turning 75, both of my parents are turning 50, and my sister is turning 25. Three generations...a quarter of a century older than the next. Pretty special...and I think it's pretty unique.

So, they're celebrating BIG this year...family reunion big (we've never had one of those on my side of the family)!!! And they're going western!
My aunt and mom have been busy preparing for the big bash. Apparently my cowboy cousins are now walking around without pockets on their jeans. :) Well, that would be funny, anyway. (Supposedly the cowboys no longer needed these jeans...)

I like the belt loop being used to hold the spoon. Clever, clever! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Raw(e) Beautiful -- The Little Princess is Coming!

I hear about those parents who have lost their children and keep their rooms just the way they were when the child was alive, and close the door. We have one of those rooms in our house, only the little girl is still alive. My step-daughter stays with us in the summers, which leaves 10 months of an empty room that basically waits her coming again. We always look forward to the summer with the little princess. The rest of the year we struggle with how to deal with her absence in our home and lives. She's truly a blessing...and there isn't much we can do for her in her situation other than pray.

I was at a meeting this morning where we had the option to decorate flip-flops for ourselves. I couldn't resist, but to make some for the little princess.

We are eagerly waiting for summer (not only for the warmer weather, which all of us deeply desire); time with the little princess makes a life more beautiful!

What's Raw(e)? Click here.

Felt Cover with Pen Pocket for Notepad

I needed a gift and whipped this up, with a pocket perfect for a bookmarker pen. By the way, I love these flat bookmarker pens (it's safe to say I'm obsessed)!

Lunch Menu Monday - Homemade Tortillas With "Bean Dip"

We had burritos a couple of days ago. So, I was using up leftovers. I mixed together the rest of the beans with some scoops of sour cream, the rest of the shredded cheddar cheese and some spoon fulls of taco sauce. Then, I heated it all up together in the microwave, stirred and put on a plate with a homemade tortilla...and sliced apples. 

Tortilla Ingredients:
2 cups
All-purpose flour (I use 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup wheat flour to make up the total amount of flour)
½ t.
½ t.
Baking powder
2 T.
2 T.
¾ cup
Warm water

Tortilla Directions:
Mix flour, salt, baking powder, lard and butter. Add little water at a time. It shouldn’t be too sticky or too dry. Knead for 2 minutes. Break into 8 to 10 golf ball size balls. Set a warm damp cloth over balls for 20 minutes. Flatten balls first with hands, then roll with rolling pin. Set a pan to medium-high heat and wait until warm. Cook on one side for 8 seconds. Turn and cook for about 1 minute. Flip and cook for another minute.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Raw(e) Distractions -- Unwatered

Let's just hope that the only thing I kill from being too distracted are things like flowers...even with the water supply right there. I'd hate for my relationships with God and family members to die...even though they're right here (these relationships are probably not as alive as they should be...and here's hoping that they don't get any worse, but only stronger).

You can play, too. Raw(e) is hosted at Sailor & Company.

Here are the rules:

1. NO editing, cropping, sharpening...NO TOUCHING THAT PHOTO
2. Only post 1 photo
3. Don't link up until you have your photo posted
4. Link to your Raw(e) post, not your url (so I don't have to dig for pics)
5. HAVE FUN!!!!

Photo Finds

It's been a while since I've cleared the photos from my phone camera. I've run into one too many annoying instances of my phone telling me the space is full and I must delete images in order to make space for more.

Here are some things I've found.

A Bag A Day Project...in Progress

So...this is really embarrassing...and it's really been bothering me. This is our car on mommy-brain.
I've decided that something needs to be done about it, finally. Just like something needs to be done about the trash on the roadside before entering our neighborhood. Apparently, nobody is working in either of those areas...and it's grossing me out.
I thought about starting this self-project called, A Bag A Day...to fill a plastic bag with trash from the car or trash from the roadside. I started it two days ago...

Results so far:
-- the mess on the floor is now in a large plastic bag
-- the above mentioned bag is sitting by my front door needing to be sorted (please remember the "in progress" part of this post title)
-- there is only grass and dirt on the backseat floor now
-- my husband has a good reason to use his new shop-vac
-- our yard looks more exciting after finding this 2009 4th of July windmill in the backseat
-- it's a nice, and well-needed, 10- to 15-minute walk (round trip) to get to and from the trashy roadside
-- there are a lot of booze drinkers and cigarette smokers that hang out at the roadside before entering our neighborhood...yuck!
-- about a 10ft section of the roadside looks a lot cleaner
-- I think I came across some poison oak or something itchy...but an immediate washing of my full arms when getting back home helped get rid of it
-- I have more of a reason to fill the recycling center bins more often (empty booze containers are the majority of trash found by roadside)
-- I'm teaching my tag-along, little pirate a valuable lesson..."If I EVER catch you throwing trash, or boozing and smoking out here..." (okay...so two valuable lessons)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Beaded, Knitted Bracelets

I've been making more bracelets. This yarn is fun!

Rocks Glued to Paper

This kind of activity gives my little pirate motivation to take his well-needed nap! :)
He comments on something he sees in a book I read to him (i.e. rocks glued to paper and labeled in a Magic School Bus book).
     I say, "Yeah! That's neat! How about you take a nap, then we can find some rocks and glue them on paper when you wake up!"
     He responds, "Okay! I need my blankie." Then, heads up the stairs to his room. Lays down, requests a song, then sleeps.
     When he wakes up...we find rocks outside (even in the rain or snow), and glue them to paper (even if it only was a 2 minute activity).
     He's slept!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Memory Game Complete

You might remember I was up to something for a birthday present with some fabric I found.
Well, I completed the project...and was rather happy with the results. I'm sad I don't have anymore of that fabric, but am completely on the outlook for something I can use!
I'm contemplating doing embroidery images if I can't find any convenient fabric again.

Some of the "cards."
The back sides were all red.

Convenient for travel.
Wrapped! (Good job on the card, little pirate.)
Ready to be opened.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The "Under 7 Cents" Challenge!

I was walking the isles of Hobby Lobby's clearance racks (because that's the only place to shop...for real)! And check it out! I got this for 7 cents!
That's right! SEVEN...CENTS! Is that not the best thing ever? I double dog dare you to find something in any franchise store that costs less then seven cents. I will pay you a dollar if you do! :) Leave a link to your proof in the comments for this post. There is no deadline on this challenge...there is, however, just ONE winner!
I'll pay you another dollar...
...if you have as much fun as my little pirate did with what you bought for under 7 cents!
(Who cares if three of the colors were dried up, because one wasn't...and I can now use the other three containers for storage.)

SEVEN CENTS, people! :)

Fabric Memory Game...

...or call it Concentration, if you prefer!
Either way, I found this fabric, and a little family member's birthday is coming up. I put the two together...and this is what I'm getting...so far!

Removing the Shirt Sleeves

We went to Disney World for New Years (thanks, Mom and Dad)! It was fun. My little pirate got all these festive shirts to wear for the trip (thanks, Mom and Dad...but, really just Mom)! The only drawback to them is the long-sleeve arms were really weird...either that or my little pirate just has very muscular arms. Just look at the sleeve...just try to tell me it's not abnormal.

At any rate, because the weather is going to be perking up...and because it just seems uncomfortable, I removed the long-sleeve arms. I think this will be much more comfortable, and I think it'll be great attire for gymnastics...or future karate classes - since he's so muscular! ...and because he's a pirate!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Celtic March Bracelet: Double Yarn Knitting

I'm almost wondering if this Braclet of the Month thing should be Wristband of the Month...

Remember, a while back I was having my first stab at double yarn knitting?

Well, I was really eager to use that technique for the March bracelet...I just didn't expect it to take so long. Because it took so long, I didn't make any extras to be purchased on my ArtFire account. BUT...you can send me a message if you want me to make one for you to purchase. I would sell it to you for $5 (no shipping and handling). That's a pretty good deal, considering it takes FOREVER! 

I am completely addicted to double yarn knitting. Absolutely thrilling!

Knitted Hat Giveaway...Enter NOW!

I knitted this hat...and a special little girl named Sailor now owns it. 
Her mommy, Sami, over at Sailor & Company is hosting a giveaway. Click on over there to enter your chance(s) to win one of your very own. Special made by me for you! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Crayon Raw(e) Photo

My raw(e) photo...you can enter, too, at Sailor & Company.
The rules: Don't touch that photo.....no edits at all! Only post one pic. Link to the post, not the URL. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

I Just Like to Saw!

So, we live on an acre of land in the country. There are a lot of trees on our property. A lot! And I find them to be too scraggly. I often want to chop down many of them...especially the wild shrubbery and dying trees that can't grow because other trees are hording all their light. There is a small strip of forest in the middle of our property...at least it feels that way!
My little pirate really likes to be outside, so I roam around with him holding my hand saw, hacking away at stray branches. Today, my project was this little area...
...I want to get rid of the other land owners annoying branches in my yard! That way I can get rid of the junk the previous owners left there (we've been in this house for about half a year now...it sure does take a while to settle in). I think it's all just a reason to saw! It's fun!!! And I'll try to keep you posted.
On the other spectrum...it's not so much fun fishing a boy out of cow poop, barbed wire, and peepee pants (because that's what is on the other side of the fence). :( This cannot be good...

Old Shoes & New Shoes

I'm not a shoe girl. I don't own hundreds of shoes or have several for every occasion. I have the basics...but usually only wear one pair of shoes...my mom sent them to me back in 2007...and they went for walks, grocery shopping, jumped in puddles, stepped in gum, and even had been to church on numerous occasions.
For my birthday, I wanted a new pair of jeans and a new pair of shoes...and I found just that! And I get to enjoy it with my little pirate! We love our matching shoes and I'm sure if he were 10 years older, that will not be cool! So...now's the time! Enjoy life while it is, instead of wishing you had when it was, or hoping for the will be (that might not ever be)!
This is how we dawdle! And we can do that...because I can fit in the largest size in the boys shoes department!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Knitted Baby-Boy Hat With Ear Flaps

For a good friend who recently had a baby boy.

Lunch Menu Monday - Leftovers With Stars

Cookie cutters can be used in so many ways. Today, I served up leftovers from yesterday's lunch - homemade fried fish and potato casserole. I added the touch of a small star cookie cutter green bell pepper pieces. I used a larger star cookie cutter to shape the potato casserole onto the plate and trimmed it with carrot slices.