Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Bag A Day Progress

So...this is really embarrassing...and it's really been bothering me. This is our car on mommy-brain.
I've decided that something needs to be done about it, finally. Just like something needs to be done about the trash on the roadside before entering our neighborhood. Apparently, nobody is working in either of those areas...and it's grossing me out.
I thought about starting this self-project called, A Bag A fill a plastic bag with trash from the car or trash from the roadside. I started it two days ago...

Results so far:
-- the mess on the floor is now in a large plastic bag
-- the above mentioned bag is sitting by my front door needing to be sorted (please remember the "in progress" part of this post title)
-- there is only grass and dirt on the backseat floor now
-- my husband has a good reason to use his new shop-vac
-- our yard looks more exciting after finding this 2009 4th of July windmill in the backseat
-- it's a nice, and well-needed, 10- to 15-minute walk (round trip) to get to and from the trashy roadside
-- there are a lot of booze drinkers and cigarette smokers that hang out at the roadside before entering our neighborhood...yuck!
-- about a 10ft section of the roadside looks a lot cleaner
-- I think I came across some poison oak or something itchy...but an immediate washing of my full arms when getting back home helped get rid of it
-- I have more of a reason to fill the recycling center bins more often (empty booze containers are the majority of trash found by roadside)
-- I'm teaching my tag-along, little pirate a valuable lesson..."If I EVER catch you throwing trash, or boozing and smoking out here..." ( two valuable lessons)

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