Friday, March 5, 2010

I Just Like to Saw!

So, we live on an acre of land in the country. There are a lot of trees on our property. A lot! And I find them to be too scraggly. I often want to chop down many of them...especially the wild shrubbery and dying trees that can't grow because other trees are hording all their light. There is a small strip of forest in the middle of our least it feels that way!
My little pirate really likes to be outside, so I roam around with him holding my hand saw, hacking away at stray branches. Today, my project was this little area...
...I want to get rid of the other land owners annoying branches in my yard! That way I can get rid of the junk the previous owners left there (we've been in this house for about half a year sure does take a while to settle in). I think it's all just a reason to saw! It's fun!!! And I'll try to keep you posted.
On the other's not so much fun fishing a boy out of cow poop, barbed wire, and peepee pants (because that's what is on the other side of the fence). :( This cannot be good...

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