Monday, March 22, 2010

Raw(e) Beautiful -- The Little Princess is Coming!

I hear about those parents who have lost their children and keep their rooms just the way they were when the child was alive, and close the door. We have one of those rooms in our house, only the little girl is still alive. My step-daughter stays with us in the summers, which leaves 10 months of an empty room that basically waits her coming again. We always look forward to the summer with the little princess. The rest of the year we struggle with how to deal with her absence in our home and lives. She's truly a blessing...and there isn't much we can do for her in her situation other than pray.

I was at a meeting this morning where we had the option to decorate flip-flops for ourselves. I couldn't resist, but to make some for the little princess.

We are eagerly waiting for summer (not only for the warmer weather, which all of us deeply desire); time with the little princess makes a life more beautiful!

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  1. Oh Summer! Especially Summer break :) you can't come fast enough