Friday, June 18, 2010

Finder's Keepers, I Guess!

Made a visit to the library today. The little pirate insisted on watching Astro Boy (it's playing at our local theater for free June 29, but he couldn't wait...and is smart enough to know that he would find it at the library...what a stinker).
Soo...anyway...I started parking way out in the parking lots with the hope that it will help me become more fit, because I have to walk further. You know what...the other advantage to this (other than extra exercise), is that it makes for the easiest and quickest getaway from just about any parking lot!

But, today, the main advantage was this find. 

Perhaps I am wrong in keeping it...but after all, there were no cars around where I was parked, because nobody parks in the boonies, so I figured whoever it belongs to is surely not in the library at that given time. Perhaps somebody will notice me wearing it when I'm at the library and be brave enough to speak up so they can claim it back. And I might be able to post this picture around for somebody to claim it that way, too. I will however, study it carefully and use it as inspiration for a bracelet I make in my future. It's too cool!


  1. i love finding things and lists and odd photos and writings nd i like to imagine their owners...
    look forward to seeing the bracelet you create:)

  2. It's super cute.

  3. Score . . . such a great find! We (or should that be I?!?!) are huge Astro Boy fans. I was convinced I was going to marry him when I was little. Thanks for commenting on my little blog too! x Melissa