Tuesday, June 29, 2010

100th Post: Giveaways Are Fun!

*** Giveaway is closed***

My 100th post came sooner than expected. And has also prevented me from blogging, because I wanted this to be a special one. A giveaway!!!

My May bracelets are done. I'm much happier with the snaps. Much, much, much happier.

And while I know it is no longer April or May, that's what I'm giving away.
One April Rain bracelet and one May Flowers bracelet, as a set.
(This photo features three of the May Flower bracelets with one of the April Rain bracelets.)

Or...I guess the May Flowers one doesn't have to be a bracelet...

Leave a comment with your e-mail for your chance to win a set of the April Rain and May Flowers. You can write your e-mail like this if you're worried about spammers. ---> dawdler101(at)gmail(dot)com

Deadline: Sunday, July 25, 2010, 11:59 CT -- National Threading the Needle Day

If there are problems with posting comments, you can e-mail me directly (at the address example above) to enter to win.

Speaking of giveaways...Kim, over at Kim-Anh Nguyen, is hosting a giveaway, too. Hers is definitely more awesome than mine. It's her first one! Be sure to check it out. She's an amazing illustrator and is giving away two packs of her drawings to two different winners. TWO packs! Go check it out...after entering to win mine!


  1. hi amber, count me in , hooray!

  2. your giveaway looks lovely ... your bracelets are so sweet.

  3. Winning is almost as fun as giving away! Been following for a bit, love your stuff!

  4. You're the bomb Amber... I wish I could figure out how to be more productive so I could be creative...

  5. thanks so much for the comments on my blog, and you were not too late to enter my giveaway so good luck! haha i'm now following you and looking forward to seeing more of your creations..:)


  6. Yes yes yes!!! Just discovered your lovely blog from a comment you left on ours!!! Those bracelets are really sweet! Thanks for the chance!
    xo maureen

  7. so glad you are happy now:) they turned out great! so pretty. count me in too!

  8. Hey Amber
    Nice to meet you :)
    You have made beautiful sweet bracelets!
    Have a wonderful day!!

    ps. I'm not from Germany, but live in the Netherlands ;)

  9. Thanks for the compliments and interest, everybody! I am excited for one of you to win. Patricia, I know you're from The Netherlands! :) Your awesome banana milk brought back my memories from Germany, so I couldn't resist commenting in German, since I can only read and understand Dutch, but can't write or speak it. :)

  10. Love the bracelets you "gave" me!!! I would love more :)

    mjspena at gmail dot com