Friday, July 2, 2010

Kids and Knitting Keeping Me Occupied -- A Photo Entry (with captions)

 Thank You Very Nooch dishcloth for Becca.
The Little Pirate added eyelashes to his octopus...and called it "Mommy." Nobody taught him this. Adding eyelashes to women must be an innate thing for children.
The Little Pirate is known to only sleep in his bed or in his car seat. So...the fact that he curled up, covered up completely, and slept for at least two hours is definitely photo worthy.
Stitch markers.
The little princess' beaded bracelet. Great project for older kids while little ones are napping and I'm making stitch markers. I just had her string it onto an elastic cord, and double knotted it when she was done.
The little princess' sprinkler fun.
The little pirate's sprinkler fun.
Kitty's sprinkler fun.
More stitch markers.
Same stitch markers as above...but packaged.
Dishcloth for a swap. "Back to School" pattern from Star at Keep On Knitting In The Free World.
Knitted headband. Pattern from Persnickety Knitter.
The little princess making her own patterns...totally awesome! And as you might have guessed...the little pirate was using the pre-made template...for the ship.
A dust rag... fit a Swiffer duster. Pattern from Sarah Burton, aka verdigrisknits, on Ravlery.
A wittle red wishy washy fishy tawashi. Pattern by Rhonda White.
3D Infinity and Beyond Water Slide.
Knitted mouse cat toy. Only took three tries, but I'm pleased.
The little pirate's first karate uniform at his first lesson. I might be biased...but he's really good for his age. I guess watching all the Veggie Tales Pirates Who Don't Do Anything DVDs paid off. Ha!
Noisy cat toy. Fun!