Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Potholder Pass - Received

I got a special surprise in the mail. Aren't those mushrooms cute?! They're so happy!
I participated in Potholder Pass 3, over at During Quiet Time, and focused so much on making and sending mine, that I forgot I was getting some in the mail, too.

I was so fortunate to get a couple of potholders and a tea towel adorned in the same fabrics/colors from Miesmama.
These have been so great to have in the kitchen. Miesmama's color choices were perfect!
(By the way, those are some homemade buns on the stove - made with olive oil instead of butter. Our slamon burgers were delicious on them for dinner last night, and the leftover buns taste great dipped in my favorite hummus recipe for lunch today!)

I also have been having fun checking out Miesmama's blog! Swapping sure does have plenty of advantages! :) Thanks, Becky!

1 comment:

  1. Great pot holders! I might pinch that idea for working on my fabric stash (which is now at stupid proportions). And those buns look blooming delicious.