Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bubble Marble Magnets

I took a week off for vacation. I feel refreshed, but have been busy with getting materials ready for my company's students in South Korea. seriously didn't take long for me to jump right back into the habit of dawdling around.

This is a vital step in the process of cleaning up my desk...

...stopping to make some magnets to post as my first items to sell on my new artfire account (although, at the time of making them, I had no intention of selling...I was just having some fun cleaning my desk). The link to my shop is over there on the top right of my blog...check it out if you are so bold and daring. Unfortunately the bottle cap magnet in the top image didn't make it (I was highly disappointed, because I wanted to send that to the couple in the photo as a small surprise gift, but failed to try the process out on worthless materials first). I once noticed these little bubble magnet goobers on a super good friend's refrigerator (you know who you are)...a gift given to my friend by an at-the-time very super good friend of my friend. Then, when roaming the isles in Target, I came across something similar...and it seems these silly things are now all the craze (we even got some really awesome handmade ones from a relative for Christmas). I really doubt mine will sell...but what the's free to post the item and if I don't sell them, I can always give them away as gifts...or use them on my own refrigerator to display my little pirate's artwork (he likes to draw).

I must was really exciting to do a search of "bubble magnet" on artfire and see one of my items pull up at number 20. :)

Hope you're new year is off to a great start!

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