Friday, January 15, 2010

Blood Donor Month Bracelet

I've decided to create, feature and sell a Dawdler 101 bracelet of the month. This month is National Blood Donor Month. 

I donated blood once when attending university. And...I ought to do it again. I figure if I wear this bracelet, it will help remind me to go do so sometime this month. (You can buy one at my artfire shop to help remind yourself, to encourage a friend who has thought about doing so, or...maybe you just like how the bracelet looks and it's in the colors suitable for V-day which happens to be right around the link at the top right of this blog...)

Become a part of a select group. As of recent, statistics show that only 3 out of every 100 people in America donate blood.

People need blood minutely (yes, in every minute of every day). The only way they can get it is if somebody volunteers to give their blood. I challenge you to do the same this month, if possible...and comment about your experience here. I think it'd be great if you even commented about your experience and gratitude of being on the receiving end of getting blood. I'll keep you updated on my experience in donated. Find a blood drive near you

(Funny story: So...after I donated blood while attending university, the blood drives kept calling and asking for my blood saying that not a lot of people have it. My now husband, then boyfriend, and I got in a heated argument in the general direction of whose blood they wanted more. We both swore it was our own. So...anyway...when we got pregnant, the doctor mentioned that because of my blood type, for health reasons or whatever, she needed to know my husband's blood make a long story short...we have the exact same blood type.)

Give blood!


  1. Dear Amber:

    thanks for the link to the bracelets and obviously it was meant to be BECAUSE I give blood and I give alot:) In fact I have--since I started--literally given gallons of the stuff. I donate every 90 days (which is the time you have to wait between donations). The company I now work for has blood drives every 3 months but even before I worked here, I would go down to the local Red Cross office to donate. I figure I've got enought someone else could use it AND then there's the whole Golden Rule thing; treat others as you would like to be treated. What happens if I ever need blood, well then it's payback time, right? So I would encourage everyone to get out there and donate!

  2. Awesome, Stephanie! We do need more people to donate. And it would be great that if I ever need it, I won't have to drain my husband or son of theirs because others had donated as often as they could! :)