Monday, January 18, 2010

Recycled Project: Color Box

One of my favorite things to do growing up was going through our pen drawer and throwing out or fixing all the pens that didn't work. It bothered me a lot (and still does) to grab a writing utensil that doesn't work.  So...I reconnected with my youth today, going through my kids' marker/crayon/color pencil/sticker/pen/pencil box! Coincidentally, at the time I was doing this one of my good friends told me I needed to get a job.

The markers, crayons, colored pencils, stickers, pencils and pens were all thrown into a large shoe box. But, that all changed! Before taking the recycling goods to the center, I yoinked some cardboard from there and glued it into the shoe box making compartments. And I found a use for all those toilet paper rolls piling up in my office closet (I'm quite certain my husband is weirded out by my fetish to keep toilet paper rolls...especially for the fact that with a 2-year old...they end up all over the house...and rarely leave the sink counter in the bathrooms since it isn't worthy of being put in the bathroom trash).

And the only reason all of this was done in the first place is because I was cleaning off a table in order to get ready for a Waffle Playdate later this week. See! Dawdling...I really could have just thrown that back in the cupboard like I had all along...but this is fresh and satisfying!


  1. You are not alone on the toliet paper rolls. Justin has declared that we can save no more until I use all mine up! Wanna come over and make a zillion candles with me? Love it!

  2. We should have a "make something(s) with toilet paper rolls" day! :)