Friday, June 4, 2010

Potholder Pass

I signed up to be a part of the Potholder Pass: Round 3 over at During Quiet Time (isn't that an awesome blog name). I was suppose to have my two potholders sent off to my secret partner by the end of May. But, that didn't happen, and I feel badly about it. But, I finished them now, and am pretty happy with my end results. I never made potholders before (the potholder in the top photo even has a pocket to slide the hand into for convenience grabbing and more protection when using the oven).
(There is a reason I am not showing the backside to the one pictured in the bottom would definitely show that I need a little more help in putting the binding on...if that strip of fabric around the outer edge is even called binding?)

While I was working on them, my husband asked, is that how you make a quilt...and I answered, "Well...I think it's the same concept as making a quilt...if I were making a quilt, I would use these same techniques...and this is how I make a quilt...just not sure if it's the way a quilt is suppose to be made." Then, I probably chuckled with glee from all the fun I was having making these!
Thank you, Amy, for letting me have this opportunity. I had a blast!
And thank you to my potholder pass partner receiving my potholders...for being open minded to me never having made potholders before and not following a pattern to do so. Also, for being patient with me mailing these out four days after the date I was suppose to send them. (You don't know who you are at this moment...but you will soon know who you are.)

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