Monday, June 7, 2010

Golden Package! -- Nooch In The Mail

Becca, over at Adorable Optimism wrote about how she did a little vegan the point of buying nutritional yeast. (Macaroni & "Cheese" made using nutritional yeast featured below from

Which she in turn found that she just hated, no matter what she tried using it in. She challenged her readers to give her some recipes to change her mind, and I suggested sprinkling it on popcorn (because a friend told me about that, and my son and I seemed to enjoy that well enough). Well, one thing led to another and she no longer has her nutritional yeast (aka "nooch), and I do! We are REAL bloggers now! :) Thanks, Becca! This was a fun package to receive. I love the special touch of a flower drawn on the front! Cute, cute!
If you look at my floor in just the right light and angle, it sparkles...and that's not because I mopped's because she made my opening-the-package experience more special by including glitter and confetti!
The cutest little card (notice the glitter...everywhere)! Fun times! (The card is made by Hallmark, by the way. It's super of those tri-folds that doesn't need an envelope...I love those.)
It looks as if Becca spent some quality time punching out the confetti. Frogs and lizards! Too cute.
I had to keep it!
And embellish the lid of the container it's stored in!
Dawdling is great fun, I tell ya! :) I'm going to try my best to keep you updated with what I make using the nutritional yeast and provide a bit of feedback. Keep posted! :)

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