Friday, May 7, 2010

Quick, Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Idea & Free Printable

- double sided tape (or glue...or whatever works)
- cool foam, in your choice of colors
- scissors
- photo or drawing
- magnet


1. With one color of cool foam, cut out a flower shape. (You know! It doesn't even have to be cool foam. It could be construction paper, or magazine pages...or whatever is flat and colorful!)
2. With another color of cool foam, cut out 3 large tongue depressor shapes.
3. Put double-sided tape on the tongue depressor shapes and let your child place them on the whatever way he/she wants to.
My little pirate decided to line them up. But, it's quite okay of your child has those long shapes going every which direction!
4. Color the front side.
5. Put double-sided tape on the back of the photo/drawing, allow child to place it on the front of the flower, wherever his/her little heart desires.
6. My little pirate inserted a step here. Color some more. (In a friendly and calm voice, I said, "Stay away from the picture; color only on the yellow and green." Then, made sure he agreed, which he did...even when sporadically poking dots onto the flower.)
7. Put double-sided tape on the back of a business size magnet you ripped off from a company (or..I mean peel the backing off of a business size magnet, cut to size), and let your child place it on the back.
8. Wrap and give to Mother's Day people. :) For their fridge...or wherever it "sticks."

For Mother's Day people that live out of town (i.e. grandmas), make a printable one you can e-mail to them, so they can print, cut and place from their own home.

SUPER Last-Minute -- Freebie
You can click here to download and print this pdf from your own home and just tape/paste your own photo or drawing over the white area! (Should I be copyrighting my free printable?)

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