Friday, February 12, 2010

Sandwich Cookies and Heart Noodle Valentine Treats

So, one of my book clubbers, Elizabeth, who I keep in touch with on Facebook is always up to something celebrating. In fact, just earlier this week, she called herself an "Over-Achiever-Holiday-Celebrator." As you can imagine, V-day is the perfect reason for her to put her celebrating jitters to work! :) Today she posted this, and made Facebook's "top news" list!
You might agree in stating that you wished you were in her daughter's class to receive one of these treats! YUM!!!

Elizabeth says, "I have to give credit to the place I got the tag designs from...I just customized them for what I needed -- The Rubber Punkin. I also got the goodie recipe from Bakerella, and modified it slightly."

Thanks for letting me brag about you on my blog, Elizabeth!

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