Friday, February 12, 2010

Mint Valentine Boxes and Paper Tube

Ever since I received my February Family Fun magazine, I've been bombarded and jealous of all these people who come up with these nifty Valentine phrases using a play on words. I was sad to not be able to come up with anything on my own, but was getting over it. And I really also had no idea what I was going to do for valentines. I "splurged" and bought a bag of Starlite Mints for Valentine goodies when doing my weekly grocery shopping. Actually, splurging would have been if I bought Hershey chocolate Kisses. I decided to buy the mints because they were only 99 cents for the bag, opposed to the $2+ for the chocolates. to put something together...I snatched some paintings from the fridge that my pirate and I did weeks ago, and made origami gift boxes from them (here's a good origami gift box tutorial...I've been making boxes like this since grade school)...and all of a sudden, just like hit me...

You were 'mint' for me!

...I wrote it on a ribbon and tied it to a closed, mint-stuffed box to give away as a valentine!

Then, I started getting a little carried away and made a paper tube filled with mints...this will be something the little pirate can give to Grandma and Grandpa!


  1. Cute! Here in Australia Valentines Day isn't such a big deal, I've always bought or made something very small for my husband but most people don't even bother with this. Love your mint idea, will keep that in mind for next year as I'm already organised for DH this year. You can tell your 2 year old that his candy can is still at our house with our nut cracking squirrel!

  2. Yet another mum who has put me to shame on Valentines...

  3. OH YAY......that is a gReaT idea... MINT for me LOL