Monday, November 29, 2010

Pants to Skirt - My New Favorite Thing!

I have always had a problem with pants. My legs are too short, the pants come too long. The bottoms end up always getting so ratty from dragging on the ground...and while that's "cool" for a while, it ends up creating raggedy high-waters I can't stand wearing. But the jeans are still good. So, I'm back to one of my new favorite things. Changing my pants into skirts.

My first graders were totally excited about it, because it was a skirt AND jeans! (I have 10 girls and 4 boys...therefore lots of girl power...these boys have become extremely tolerable to girls and a great gain of respect for least they lead me to believe that.) A mom commented that it was cute.

I really like wearing it.


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  1. I love this idea. My mother in law and daughter did this with a pair of her old pants when she was little.