Monday, August 2, 2010

New ArtFire Items

I spent my evening with some quality time on my ArtFire account. Here are some pics of the newest additions.

I handmade the paper from paper pulp I made using my junk mail. Then, I took a Styrofoam plate and made a unique flower print. Next, I added purple ink. They're probably not archival (no telling what junk mail is archival and what isn't)...but, they'll certainly be cool to mail to a friend or family member!

(I added some polar bear postcard stamps on the postcard set...for good measure!)

Should I make a tutorial on the process? Would you like to know how to make your own paper, and a print from a Styrofoam plate?

And I added more magnets. This stuff (including the cards) has been made for quite some time. I just have only finally gotten around to getting it posted.


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  2. Hey i was wondering if you received the chocolate??? because no news from you...

  3. Hey Kim! I haven't gotten any chocolates yet. I'm keeping my eyes open though.

  4. What a super fun post..and such beautiful beautiful work! awesome!