Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yes, I know, April came and went! :)

Holy cow! What a month!

Well, I think I'm finally back on the map. April was probably one of the nuttiest months of my life. I don't even know where to begin with the multiple reasons as to why I have been absent from my blog for that long. But, in short, I did a lot of substitute teaching and The Highlight: I quit my managing position at an online school, and am now looking forward to teaching 1st grade! I am totally in love with my "new" life.

Here are some pictures to prove I was still dawdling. :) 

Oh...and before I post the pictures...please, somebody, tell I put the description before or after the photo? I'm always confused and therefore, probably rarely consistent on my posts. Any advice or suggestions are welcome. :)

Knitted bunnies:


Little Pirates first day of day care:

Stitchmarkers I made for a stitchmarker swap:

Hat I knitted for a hat swap:

Hat swap package I received:

Beaded bookmarks I made:

Package received for my cat (and me):

Felt adjustable bracelet I made for a swap:

Swap package I received:


Spring sprung:

New swing set (aka new breakfast/lunch/dinner table):

Decorated my parents' 50th birthday party cakes (their birthdays are only two days apart; born the same year): 

Popsicles for sharing:

The zoo (side note: The little pirate was all too thrilled when birds sat on his shoulders!):

Set up a pirate tent my mom made for my little pirate:

Birthday Invitations for the little pirate's birthday:

The little pirate's birthday:

Candy cars (with spoilers, even):

Goody bags (hand sewn):


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