Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sharpie Contest

In middle school I got in trouble for drawing on myself. I was told I'd get ink poisoning, which could lead to death.*  So, instead of drawing on myself, I drew on my shoes, and on my folders and binders. I drew on my desk, but quickly stopped doing that, because the teachers disliked the "graffiti" and I disliked having to wash away my doodles. So, instead of drawing on the desk, I drew on my spelling tests. In high school, I got in trouble for alternating a t-shirt with scissors and safety pins. But, easily got away with drawing on my jeans with long as it wasn't on my skin or other people's property, I could get away with drawing just about anywhere. And Sharpie's became a huge part of my life, because they write on just about anything and can be removed from most surfaces with nail polish remover. They come in so many sizes, shapes, and colors these days, too. My supply is slowly running out, so when I came across this contest, I thought, "Perfect! Perhaps I have a chance to reload!"

My entry: Doodled fingernails, coated with clearish nail polish.

My little pirate who is currently laying in bed with color (courtesy of himself) all over his face, hands, arms, and legs says, "Your fingers are so pretty."

* As a parent now...I think I am slowly realizing that my parents told me anything they didn't like or didn't want me to do would end up killing me somehow. I believed them...and probably still do for the most part.

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  1. Hi Amber!
    thanx for your nice comment!!!
    bwt i do the sharpie contest too, it's really fun! but i only have one sharpie, i can't find any sharpie in my town...what a shame!!

    i'm following now your blog too :-)
    have a nice week