Thursday, February 4, 2010

Double Yarn Knitting

So...I've been quite determined to make the perfect scarf for Craft Hope's Project 6. And I've searched my knitting books for the perfect pattern. The real challenge is finding or making a pattern that is good for either male or female, but also goes well with me using up scraps in the "required" colors. I finally found it! The scarf as seen on the cover of the Son of Stitch 'n' Bitch knitting book. (I love Debbie Stoller's knitting books! Highly recommended...have used so many patterns and have been so pleased with all outcomes.)
Well, I had my attempt at it...first time ever for using the double yarn knitting system. Not too bad...but what is very obvious to that this is, in the end, NOT the perfect pattern for this project. :( I don't have nearly enough yarn in the "required" colors to make a full length scarf. But, I see future project using double yarn knitting! That was really fun! So...I'm back to square one...and time is running out. If I can figure out a game plan before Sunday, I'll have several of hours to sit and knit while family enjoys the Super Bowl game while my little pirate runs around with his little princess of a cousin...this is of course, if I'm not too busy stuffing my face with the delicious food that comes along with Super Bowl Sunday! :)

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