Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow; Coasters; and Knitted, Beaded Bracelets

Well, the Oklahoma hype today is about snow! We played in it, of course. My little pirate sported a vintage trapper fur hat my grandfather got from...well, I'm sure you can guess where...when he was in the Navy. Side note: I do like to brag about the fact that he lived on the South Pole for some time...nobody believes me until I show them the post marked letter my dad got from him when my dad was just a young boy. :) Cool!
And here is that Izzi coaster in it's final stage, all stitched together. It turned out to be an over-sized coaster, but too mini to be a potholder. It gets the job done as a coaster and will soon be off in the mail to my good friend! I'm going to refine this "pattern" and try to sell some. Stay tuned if you are interested...or you could even post 4 random numbers from 1 to 64, and I can be in touch with you about the rest of the deal! They're fun to make!
I also started working on the February about waiting until the last minute! That's how we roll at Dawdler 101 though, right!? We go outside and play in the snow, or test out the over-sized coaster with a mug of hot chocolate after being frozen to the bones standing in the cold snow with a 2-year-old pirate who all too seriously believes "It is NOT cold." I must admit, I have been in much colder weather in my days...but 21 degrees is still cold, cold, cold...and a reason to dawdle. 

Happy winter to you!


  1. :) the cup/pot holder would be GREAT for a cuppa soup!!!!!

  2. Brilliant! I will pass that knowledge along to the receiver...and perhaps I will continue making them and give as gifts with a noodle bowl instead of a teacup or mug! :)