Saturday, January 23, 2010

Izzi Inspiration

I'm working on what is at the moment a secret project. I found inspiration in using the Izzi tiles (love this puzzle)...and I have other ideas beside this secret project, but I'll post about those when they get further than being afloat in my mind.

As for now, I'm finishing up a promised gift for a good friend, who had to choose four numbers between 1 and 64.

Step 1: Finding the chosen numbers.

Step 2: Arranging them and choosing a favorite composition.

Step 3: Break it down...breakitdown...(I really like graph paper...we can get into reasons at a later date)...and get the fabric ready for sewing.

I am here ---> Step 4: Start sewing! (See each of those squares in my little sketch? I need to be sure I have a fabric square for each of the 16 squares in the I need to sew squares together diagonally to make those triangle like shapes...if you haven't noticed, I'm not a quilter, nor do I know the lingo...don't be fooled by appearances.)

Stay tuned...

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