Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wrist Bands from Socks...and Jesus Had a Little Monkey?

The weather has gotten a lot colder in so cold there is frost forming on the inside of our front room window (don't worry...we already called Lowe's to come out to do a detail so we can get a window ordered, and hopefully bought before the end of the year so we can get a 30% tax advance). This doesn't mean that I am in need of wrist bands. What it does mean that while I was already dawdling today with making bags for the Grocery Bag Sew-Off, I also found time to fold the little pirate's laundry while watching a movie with him...and there were tons of socks in that load. The little pirate doesn't wear socks unless it's cold...which means, a lot of those socks were ones he had last year...which means they are way too small, but we just keep putting them on him...and the reason we probably do that is because I can't bear to see them go. What in the world do I do with a bunch of used socks with neat patterns (please comment with some ideas...I still have tons of socks)? Well...wrist bands from socks! Today, that's what my idea was, dawdler friends! I was able to manage to make three, from two pairs of socks. I hand stitched them.

They definitely could have been done on the machine...but purple thread was in there...and I needed something quiet to busy myself while guarding the little pirate's door, making sure he would stay in bed (he was way too excited about me making accessories out of his favorite socks).

By the way...what do you think about the little pirate's new lyric request to his favorite bedtime song, Jesus Had a Little Lamb?

Jesus had a little monkey
Ever glad at heart I am
For my zoo keeper gently guides me
Knows my name and well provides me
Loves me everyday the same
Even gives me a banana

(You can sing the new version while posting a comment about what you think I should do with all those socks...otherwise, we'll just have tons of wrist bands floating around.)


  1. I've been making car-wash rags out of my old socks, and my friends tell me I need to get rid of more because it looks silly to have all my toes hanging through the holes in them. Do you want man-sized socks? They don't have cool patterns, just black, brown, and grey.


  2. Good idea! Thanks for the offer. I say, keep them for yourself to continue using them for car washing or as dusting rags, and I'll do the same with the adult, holy socks I find in our laundry!